VAT Registration (SARS)

PAYE, Registration (SARS)

UIF Registration (Dept. of Labour)

COID Registration (Dept. of Labour)


R  3290.00

R  1950.00

R  1850.00

R  1650.00

Lead Time

3 Days

3 Days

7 Days

21 Days



VAT REG R3290 (3 DAYS*)
PAYE REG R1950 (3 DAYS*)
UIF REG R1850 (7 DAYS*)
COID REG R1650 (21 DAYS*)

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All companies and close corporations are required by law to lodge their annual returns with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission within a certain period of time every year. Failure to do so will result in the Commission assuming that the company and/or close corporation is not doing business or is not intending on doing business in the near future. Non-compliance with annual returns may lead to deregistration, which has the effect that the juristic personality is withdrawn and the company or close corporation ceases to exist.
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