About Us

PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS ON BOARD, was founded in 2012 by Darryl Theron, Navin Moodley and Gavin Reddy. They identified the key functions that SMEs are lacking due to limited resources. Premium quality financial solutions are now available to South African businesses. Since inception, the organisations mission has been to ”Optimise Your Business”. Constantly evolving with the ever changing requirements of today’s marketplace, PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS ON BOARD will meet all your tax, accounting and payroll requirements.

”Optimise Your Business” by becoming an integral part of your support system. Accurate and readily access to financial information will ensure better management decisions. Compliance will entitle your business to seize opportunities in both, the public and private sector.
Provide professional services at the highest standards that is

  • an expert in the field of Tax, Accounting and Payroll
  • connected to clients and part of their support system
  • accessible and reliable
Company values as a component in the overall strategic framework, is becoming increasingly important in these days of good corporate governance, but also for practical purposes linked to the need to build strong corporate culture to underpin over pin overall company performance. The main outputs from deliberations regarding the values of the company as a whole is as follows:

  • Respect: A courteous disposition amongst staff, and towards clients
  • Integrity: Compliance with company norms and IFRS.
  • Openness: An environment which encourages good transparent communication, internally and externally
  • Reliability: The provision of accurate information to all stakeholders, and dependable customer service
  • Quality: A commitment to quality service and safety at all times.
Profitability is essential in discharging socio-economic responsibility, as well as staying in business. It is a measure of both efficiency and the value placed upon us by our customers. It is the duty of management to prioritise and discharge responsibilities in areas that we value, such as:

Customers – Community – Employees – Stakeholders

PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS ON BOARD is a wholly owned BEE Level 1 Company that was established in 2012.

The company was formed to finally provide answers to the seemingly frustrating questions:

“We want to deal with Empowerment Companies; we want to form partnerships with them; we sincerely want to extend a hand of friendship and join hands in building the future of South Africa. But where do we find these Empowerment Companies? Are they professional enough to deal with our situation? How do we get in touch with them?”

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