Tax Services

  • SARS: Audits & Verifications
  • SARS: EMP201 PAYE, SDL & UIF Payroll Taxes
  • SARS: EMP501 Payroll Reconciliation
  • SARS: IRP5 Employee Tax Certificates
  • SARS: IRP6 Provisional Tax
  • SARS: ITR14 Income Tax
  • SARS: Tax Clearance Certificate
  • SARS: Tax Planning
  • SARS: VAT201 Value Added Tax
  • SARS: Withholding Tax

Every transaction will have tax consequences, either deductible or taxable. Therefore on going tax planning is vital, especially for SMEs due to cash flow. It encompasses different aspects, including the timing of both income and purchases and other expenditure. Substantial amounts of money can be saved through allowable deductions from SARS.

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How Can We Add Value?

Tax planning strategies will ensure:

  • Avoid common tax planning mistakes
  • Claim all available tax credits
  • Lower tax rate
  • Meet regulatory deadlines
  • Reduce taxable income
  • Zero penalties and interest

Every taxpayer, both businesses and individuals want to organise their affairs with SARS tax-effectively, so that the minimum amount of tax will be levied. However the liability cannot be minimised beyond the allowable limits set by SARS, therefore, planning is essential with a tax accountant.

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